Saturday, November 26, 2011

Come Home to Mama.

Thought I would share some of the pieces that are making their way home to the house on the park.

White Denim Slip-Covered Wing Chair

 Ever since I purchased my Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams slip-covered Alexa couch, I am obsessed --- OBSESSED IN CAPS LOCK --- with white denim slip covers.  So much so I have a bolt of the stuff in my closet like it's the golden fleece.  No really.  I do.  DH thinks this is weird, but has no idea that I'm actually being efficient by keeping my own stash.  But I do these things for these reasons -- An awesome thrifted find!  I found a great wing chair with good bones and beautiful hand-carved legs and am having it re-upholstered exactly to this.  It will be my Mommy Chair.  It's hard for me to get tired of white slipcovers.  I loooove them.  Next...

12x24 Striped Tabby Pillow, French Laundry flash sale, One King's

This French Laundry lumbar pillow is a One King's Lane score and features a beautiful fabric reminiscent of french countrysides and easy living --- and will be perfect to cuddle up with on my wing chair!  I love One King's Lane!  Seriously, if you're not on, get on it now.  This flash sale website is awesome and features tag sales of vintage and found items from well-known designers, as well as great deals on pillows, throws, furniture, tabletop items --- you name it.  Your items are packed beautifully and arrive like a present, ready to open and always include a little thank you gift.  I'm burning a beautiful candle from them right now in Sweet Tobacco.  I would never have thought about that scent, but that's the beauty of a little gift, right?  You get something you love you never thought about picking out yourself.  I love little surprises like that!

20x20 Zingaro Union Jack Pillow, Large, $25, flash sale at One King's

Another great find was this Union Jack pillow.  Yes, Union Jacks are trendy right now, but at $25, I can afford a little trend in my life.  I like the muted color tones in this one.  In particular, that blue-grey background is fabulous.  It reminds me of the Union Jack dressers some people are talented enough to paint and create.  Amazing!  If I made a Union Jack dresser, it would be in greys and blue-greys like this.

16x16 Zingaro Hemp Pillow, Georg Friedrich, $22, Flash Sale, One King's

 Another look I love right now is that Old World, grain sack look this pillow is sporting.  Again, right on-trend but at a reasonable price.  I want to layer it in with the pillows I already have in the family room.  The other awesome plus about the price?  I'll have no worries when my eight-year old uses it to build a fortified wall against his little brother.  What I'm working towards is a look similar to this Olioboard mock up I put together for our family room.

Most of the elements are already there.  See?

Rattan chair that is subbing for the white denim wing chair -- soon to be added.  
IRL - left side of the room.  DH not included in the Olioboard image above.  Ha!
Last awesome find are these apothecary bottles.  They are so odd, I heart them.  I heart them bad.  I see them adding a little bit of off-kilter cool to our normal surroundings.

Zingaro Set of 4 Apothecary Bottles, $35, Flash Sale, One King's

Find anything awesome lately?  Share!


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