Project Gallery

Projects are my favorite form of therapy!  What started as a way to get exactly what I wanted on a dime has become an outlet for creativity.  The hubby would differ, mostly because he's just tired of my Ugly Duckling pieces taking up precious garage space before they're transformed into swans!  I mean seriously, can we not park the truck on the curb for just a teensy bit longer, babe?  I have a dresser to re-hab.

1960's Buffet
Working on sanding down a long, 1960's Lane buffet

Going for color!  A beach house with vintage 1960's furniture and a casual vibe needs color!

The finished piece in its new room.

1930's Vintage 

The funnest part of this piece was that I bought it for $20 from a man who used it for years in his garage to hold his tools!  

A boy's dresser

Simple white with a sea glass-colored top, this was a fun little piece.
- SOLD -

Ooh La La, French Colonial!

This what was I was dealing with.  Icky gold outlines on a tired, beige color.

*Sigh* Will it ever get any better?

Yes!  A light, dove grey finish on the drawers and top with the original pulls, now painted white for some contrast.

- SOLD -
Dresser Drawer Garden Boxes

For $2, Re-Use Hawaii sells vintage dresser drawers that I outfitted with some glass drawer pulls.  

With some holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, they are the most gorgeous planters you ever did see.

Chalk Walk

A dresser needed to hold our Baby Boy's diaper paraphernalia.  With a changing pad on it during most days, it makes changing diapers almost stylish.

The best part?  It mirrors the look of our kitchen counters and white wood,
adding some consistency in the hall.