Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Back!

Talk about a blogging hiatus!  Christmas and the 5 Birthdays we celebrate in December completely took control of my schedule and blogging went by the wayside.  One of my resolutions, though, is to write something atleast a few times a week, if only for sanity's sake.

Wanted to share these new photos of our family room.  I'm forever changing things up to find just the *right* level of coziness.  Our couch is a sectional and I took it apart one day while cleaning floors and had an epiphany - why not keep it split up into two couches?  I figured I would try it out and here we are almost 2 months later.  I added one of our vintage mid-century rattan chairs and some much needed requirements for relaxing -- a chenille pom-pom throw and a sheepskin rug.

What do you think?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Come Home to Mama.

Thought I would share some of the pieces that are making their way home to the house on the park.

White Denim Slip-Covered Wing Chair

 Ever since I purchased my Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams slip-covered Alexa couch, I am obsessed --- OBSESSED IN CAPS LOCK --- with white denim slip covers.  So much so I have a bolt of the stuff in my closet like it's the golden fleece.  No really.  I do.  DH thinks this is weird, but has no idea that I'm actually being efficient by keeping my own stash.  But I do these things for these reasons -- An awesome thrifted find!  I found a great wing chair with good bones and beautiful hand-carved legs and am having it re-upholstered exactly to this.  It will be my Mommy Chair.  It's hard for me to get tired of white slipcovers.  I loooove them.  Next...

12x24 Striped Tabby Pillow, French Laundry flash sale, One King's Lane.com

This French Laundry lumbar pillow is a One King's Lane score and features a beautiful fabric reminiscent of french countrysides and easy living --- and will be perfect to cuddle up with on my wing chair!  I love One King's Lane!  Seriously, if you're not on OneKingsLane.com, get on it now.  This flash sale website is awesome and features tag sales of vintage and found items from well-known designers, as well as great deals on pillows, throws, furniture, tabletop items --- you name it.  Your items are packed beautifully and arrive like a present, ready to open and always include a little thank you gift.  I'm burning a beautiful candle from them right now in Sweet Tobacco.  I would never have thought about that scent, but that's the beauty of a little gift, right?  You get something you love you never thought about picking out yourself.  I love little surprises like that!

20x20 Zingaro Union Jack Pillow, Large, $25, flash sale at One King's Lane.com

Another great find was this Union Jack pillow.  Yes, Union Jacks are trendy right now, but at $25, I can afford a little trend in my life.  I like the muted color tones in this one.  In particular, that blue-grey background is fabulous.  It reminds me of the Union Jack dressers some people are talented enough to paint and create.  Amazing!  If I made a Union Jack dresser, it would be in greys and blue-greys like this.

16x16 Zingaro Hemp Pillow, Georg Friedrich, $22, Flash Sale, One King's Lane.com

 Another look I love right now is that Old World, grain sack look this pillow is sporting.  Again, right on-trend but at a reasonable price.  I want to layer it in with the pillows I already have in the family room.  The other awesome plus about the price?  I'll have no worries when my eight-year old uses it to build a fortified wall against his little brother.  What I'm working towards is a look similar to this Olioboard mock up I put together for our family room.

Most of the elements are already there.  See?

Rattan chair that is subbing for the white denim wing chair -- soon to be added.  
IRL - left side of the room.  DH not included in the Olioboard image above.  Ha!
Last awesome find are these apothecary bottles.  They are so odd, I heart them.  I heart them bad.  I see them adding a little bit of off-kilter cool to our normal surroundings.

Zingaro Set of 4 Apothecary Bottles, $35, Flash Sale, One King's Lane.com

Find anything awesome lately?  Share!


Who Doesn't Love a Good Project?

Ugh!  Projects!  Here are a list of just the ones I have on the brain right now.

Kitchen Backsplash.  As in, my kitchen is lacking one.  As in, I'm waiting for the character and personality that I believe a good tile backsplash will add.  But what is a good backsplash?  Seriously.  I have considered white subway tiles, but a male friend with some serious styling sense called it boring.  I have considered (in no priority, whatsoever): Aluminum mini subway tiles, glass mosaic, penny tiles, stone, marble, greys, whites, khakis... But yet I just can't seem to come to a choice.  Can you believe the DH has sanctioned this project and yet the ball is still sitting in my court?  I know.

Custom kitchen cabinets with seeded glass doors and crown-moulding on the cabinets to the ceiling.  Yes, I agree.  Dream-worthy.  *Sigh* But seriously, what a better use of space!  & it would take my builder-developer kitchen straight to the custom fabulosity that I covet.  & I could highlight my crazy-cat-lady collection of cake stands.  No really.  I'm that girl.

Random Kitchen Mini-Projects.  Like a farm sink.  Undermount lighting under the cabinets.  Interior lighting in the glass cabinets.  Grass cloth on the left-most counter that could be considered the little desk area to help delineate the space.  In general, I like to think that my kitchen was half done, and it's up to me to finish it.  Besides, DH doesn't mind mini-projects.  Like anything, mini-projects are much more easily signed off on than custom cabinets.

Building out the Entertainment Nook.  Our nook is bare!  It is literally a hole in the wall and I dream of a nice, built-in with cabinets and crown-moulding. Yes, the c-word keeps creeping up.  Character, character, character.  This is a 2012 project.  As in, DH would never sanction this project now.  & so I must patiently wait, biding my time with funner little projects that can be accomplished at the end of the year amidst the holidays.  Like...

Figuring out where to put the Christmas Tree.  Last year we put the Christmas tree in the front sitting room, but this year, I'm a little partial to putting it in this room, in the left corner (not shown in this fabulous photo to the right).  The pros of that are so that we can obviously enjoy the tree.  So often we throw our Christmas trees in the most formal of rooms, but never get to really enjoy the bad boys on a daily basis.  I want to be able to see my tree.  I want my babies to see the tree.  The one con to this is that the family room -- contrary to the name -- doesn't offer much room.  So it may not be a bad idea to put the tree in the front sitting room, possibly at an angle so that we can enjoy the view of those lovely, twinkling lights from the kitchen.  Yes, I think I like that idea.

Christmas Gift Projects.  Oooh, I can't wait to share these.  We shall have to see if my brilliant gift idea comes to fruition, or if I'll be schlepping myself to Target two days before in utter degradation and failure.  It remains to be seen for now.  I hate to be so cryptic.  Seriously!  I can't wait to blog about my Christmas gift ideas.  They are so dorky and Martha, I just. can't. take. it.


Monday, November 14, 2011


Hi there, and welcome to Beach House! 

Things will be up and running soon so please check back!