Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Back!

Talk about a blogging hiatus!  Christmas and the 5 Birthdays we celebrate in December completely took control of my schedule and blogging went by the wayside.  One of my resolutions, though, is to write something atleast a few times a week, if only for sanity's sake.

Wanted to share these new photos of our family room.  I'm forever changing things up to find just the *right* level of coziness.  Our couch is a sectional and I took it apart one day while cleaning floors and had an epiphany - why not keep it split up into two couches?  I figured I would try it out and here we are almost 2 months later.  I added one of our vintage mid-century rattan chairs and some much needed requirements for relaxing -- a chenille pom-pom throw and a sheepskin rug.

What do you think?